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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Feline Freak show

Okay, I've been slow to provide kittiness. It's a slow day so I'll take an early break and add to the magnificent feline-inity.

First off is Catnip. He appeared from nowhere to rummage the dumpster at The Husband's business. One whambanger thunderstorm drove him inside, where he was gladly taken in, fed, given a litterpan. He loved torturing the guard dog. Poor fellow developed asthma so was brought home where he could be given his meds and special foods. He's got a tendency to other chronic problems so eats special food. That, and the steroids that control his asthma, have created a cat of large proportions. He makes a great pillow. He's the friendliest of the bunch and fears nothing except getting wet. He likes to drape his plushy self over whatever is sitting still, preferably nice warm people.

Next is Charlotte, aka Charly, among a few other names. Charly is The Perfect Cat. She's the shapeliest cat I've ever known. A little shy with strangers, but runs to me with her little roadrunner meepy meow for a cuddle and a pet.

She's quite a loving little lady, running up for air pets, running off, and returning for more.

She's not the best photo subject. She just doesn't show as well in images as in real life, poor girl. From a distance she's black with white patches, but up close she's chocolate and black with white hairs sprinkled throughout-a salt-and-pepper cat.

Schade. Oh, Schade. She's forever a kitten-tiny kitty, tiny meow, dainty of build. And a complete nimwit. If you hold a light to one of her ears you'll see its beam emitted from the other ear. No brain, just love. Nothing normal, often assuming these odd angles when I bring out the camera. She reminds me of Tweety bird. Very innocent and sweet and so in need of protection. Turn your back, however, and she's instigating trouble. Starts something with one of the others, then runs squawking for my help!

Risky Malarkey O. is a pet-quality Maine coon. She became part of the family when about three weeks old. I fed her kitty formula then liquefied kitty kibble til she was crunching away on her own. The Husband taught her to use her litter pan. She fit the palm of my hand with room to spare. Now she's a 14 lb beastie with an attitude. She's a prima donna around the other cats, but a big baby with me. This one seems to understand cameras and strikes the best poses when I'm taking pictures. And she's a lovely cat. She's got The Husband wrapped round her little paw-in his eyes she can do no wrong.

Strangely, all the kitty kids leave my knitting alone. For the most part. The moment I bring on a yarn with mohair, however, they're all over it. They do love to watch the yarn as it's pulled from the baggies as I knit-I've found that baggied yarn is a good cat repellent. Sometimes they'll bat the baggie a bit but are happiest to just watch it.


At 4/04/2006 2:51 PM, Blogger String Bean said...

Risky is gorgeous! I've always wanted a Maine Coon, but another kitty stole my heart and ate it - Kami.

At 4/04/2006 3:22 PM, Blogger cpurl17 said...

What sweet, sweet kitties!

I love the story of the rescued kitty, Catnip - how lucky he was to have found you.


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