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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Inspired by a recent blog entry on WendyKnits, I present the Cat Meme:

5 facts about me, by Somerset:

1) I was adopted from the Winnipeg Humane Society as a kitten. They told my Mom that I was 4 weeks older than I really was at the time, so when she drove across town to have me spayed at their clinic, she was told to bring me back in a month.

2) I am the first cat my Mom has ever owned. When she brought me home to her apartment, she kept picking me up and putting me down by the kitty litter box, because she was afraid I wouldn't remember where it was, and would instead shit in her plants. When I did use the litter box, she was so excited, that she called a friend of hers to give her the good news (this was the friend who had pointed out about an hour previously that 8 year olds can take care of cats, and that she would probably do just fine)

3) My head is kind of small for my body size, and I am kind of sensitive about people touching it. Best if you scratch me under my chin first.

4) I like to sniff everything when I check it out. This includes bits of food or treats that are placed in front of me, which often gives Greedo time to finish his and come eat mine. If someone tries to get me to eat the food/treat before I am done sniffing, I will run away from it. I am probably the only cat on earth that has been afraid to eat a piece of salmon.

5) I love to groom anything that looks furry, including my Mom's hair in the days that it was short. I have a toy mouse that has long hair, and I love to sit and groom it. At night, I carry the mouse to whatever door I would like to get through and meow pitifully like my heart is breaking.

Sometimes I just don't get it...

5 things about ME, by Greedo!!

1) My Mom and Dad got me from the Petland in the Polo Park Shopping Centre in Winnipeg. I was there with my brothers and sisters.

2) I will sleep in the exact same spot for hours at a time. Sometimes Mom and Dad leave to go shopping, go see a movie, etc, and when they come back, I haven't moved.

3) I always think that the best place to sit or lie is wherever Somerset is. So I will go over and sit down right beside her, even if it is a little cramped. That will usually convince her to go sit somewhere else. Sometimes I come over and groom her first so that it doesn't seem like I am trying to take her spot.

4) I loooove mealtime. When I hear my Mom get up in the morning, the first thing I do is run to finish off whatever food is left in the dish, so that I can be more convincing when I meow at her like I am starving. Sometimes I try and convince Dad that Mom forgot to feed us, so he'll give us a second breakfast, although it doesn't work if Somerset doesn't play along. In the evening, I take up a spot between my family and the food, so that everytime they get up, I show them where they should go. I have learned that if it is dark outside, if someone either turns off the TV, or closes their laptop, that it's almost dinnertime, so I will run to my food dish if either of these things happen.

5) I hate being in the car. Within 30 seconds of getting into the car, I let out spine chilling yowls. If that doesn't work within 2 or 3 minutes, I pee in the carrier. If the trip is long enough, I will take a dump as well. The first time my parents tried to take the 2 of us to the cottage in the car, they made the mistake of putting us both in the same carrier. Somerset started to meow after I peed on her. When they let me out of the carrier, I emphasized my point by squatting down on the armrest between them and pooping. Even though Dad was the one who picked me at the pet store, he referred to me as "your cat" when talking to my Mom that day.

They'll never find me here...

Tag, your cat's It!


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