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Thursday, January 18, 2007

knitten kitten's kitty memes

5 things about Beauregard:
1. I am the reining prince at my castle, but I have two little girls who like to think of me as a princess which is okay with me since I have an affinity for all things pink and girly.
2. If you ask my mom she says I do no wrong. She got me from a horse farm in Aggieland 8 years ago. I lived with her throughout college and have moved a total of seven times with her.
3. I like bath time. My mom has to physically remove me from the shower every morning, or shut me out of the bathroom or I will get in with her.
4. I love, love, love cheddar flavored extreme goldfish and they have helped me become the big twenty pounder that I am. (just kidding, I'm really only big boned)
5. I will answer to any of the following: Beau, Beau-beans, Beansy, & Beau-beau, but don't expect me to come a running.

5 things about Charli:
1. My mom bought me from a pet store while she was in college and she has had me for 9 years.
2. I am a total dairy ho! Pour a glass of milk a mile away and I start yowling, pop open a can of Eagle brand and fhuggedaboudit...
3. I prefer the great outdoors though I started out as an indoor kitty and I will poop if you put me in a moving vehicle.
4. I detest the vet & have to be put under anesthesia to get my shots, teeth cleaned, etc...I am one baaaad kitty, but I will let my mom bathe me.
5. I love anything that smells foul and will roll in it like a dog, or rub up against it like crazy.

5 things about Keta:
1. I am a Manx, but I am a rumpy (completely tailess) as opposed to a stumpy (nubby tail). I am very small(about the size of a small bunny).
2. I also prefer living outdoors and am an adept hunter. My mom has been known to get mad at my thoughtful offering of mice, birds, and rabbits.
3. I am more like a dog than a cat which drives my mom crazy.
4. I prefer the company of our golden retriever, Memphis to that of the other cats.
5. When I was a kitten I was very scrawny with big ears and my mom thought I looked like Yoda.


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