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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Five Things-Springs & Squeaky

I can post! For some reason I can't comment--so I just want y'all to know I'm enjoying the most recent crazy cat posts!

I was tagged with this meme an embarrassingly long time ago, so here goes:



1. Grew up with a Siberian husky.

2. Enjoys terrorizing Squeaky.

3. Enjoys doing unspeakable things to afghans and even moreso when I'm lying under them. Ewww!

4. His previous owner (an old coworker of mine) actually paid money for him. He's some kind of Bengalese something or other type cat.

5. He almost killed a man--well, almost. The husband of his old owner developed progressively worse cat-dander induced asthma to the point where it became extremely hard for him to breathe around Springs.



1. Was a barn cat we adopted as a kitten from a lab tech living in Portland, MI.

2. Came to us with the worst case of earmites. When we took her to the vet--the student examining her was extremely excited to come across a cat with as many earmites as her.

3. Enjoys terrorizing Springs.

4. She's a total Daddy's cat and only shows me affection when he's not around.

5. I have been known to come out of the shower without my glasses on and start talking kitty-talk to Chunky's soccer ball thinking it was her. Hm, who says humans are smarter?


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