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Monday, April 10, 2006

Yo Yo, Ellie and Wyatt in Da Hizz-ouse!

Kitties hugging

My cats, Ellie and Wyatt, are imports from the great state of Arkansas, aka, My Home State. I adopted them from a shelter--they were my 22nd birthday gift from my mom (Thanks, Mom!) I couldn't decide which cat I liked more...I saw cute Baby Wyatt and fell in love with his monochromatic scheme (He had blue eyes to match his blue-grey fur, but his eyes later turned yellow), but then I spotted Ellie, my tortoise-shell beauty with differently colored cheeks. The animal shelter people somehow convinced me that two cats are better than one, so I brought them both home with me.

And...they hated each other. It took a couple of weeks, but they eventually became fast friends. Four years later, Wyatt is a ladies man who really likes men (and pink), and Ellie is a Tough Cat who sports her spiked collar and 'tude with pride.

They have been known to maul my yarn stash if I accidentally leave the closet door open, but they are otherwise my pride and joy.


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