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Friday, May 19, 2006

Ripple the Hunter

When I was getting ready for work this morning, I caught Ripple, intensely interested in something outside.

Ripple staring at the bird

Flicking his tail and talking. What was he looking at?

The bird

The best $5 I ever spent. The avian entertainment has arrived, and the cats are watching. At a cost of less than $2 per cake of suet, this is going to be one of the cheapest kitty treats ever. That cake will last at least a week, if not 2. But my patio is becoming a pretty popular venue. We'll see. When I get sick of washing off the railing of bird poop, that thing may have to come down.

I finally got my DPNs for the Kitty Pi. I've decided that I'd rather finish that than have that fun fur monstrosity hanging around my floor. Though it would make a bangin' dust mop.


At 5/19/2006 2:54 PM, Blogger monica said...

I want to get one for my cats so they can watch the birdies! My (dumb) boyfriend points out that it would be teasing them...


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