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Monday, October 23, 2006

Duke the Cat is a comfy a$$ jerk!

2006 photos 8-25

That is all.

Where have they been?

We're still here and we've got a little meme for you.
5 Things About Me: Princess Kami (a.k.a. Bunny; Kams; "Ow, Dammit!")
1. I was adopted from the animal shelter in Kingman, Arizona. When my slaves adopted me I was pregnant, but I looked so starved no one realized it until two weeks later when I was well-installed in my new home. I gave birth to six kittens, none of which looked alike or looked like me. I used to get around quite a bit. ;)
2. When I meow I sound like I've been bingeing on whisky and cigarettes. Gimme a beer, bitch.
3. When I'm in a good mood and/or feeling frisky I bite people on their hands, arms, ankles or feet.
4. I love to chew on double-point needles, but only if they're wood or bamboo.
5 Things About Me: Sweet Little Sophie (a.k.a. Sweetums; Fu-Man-Chu Whiskers; Half-Moon Paws)
1. I'm the most recent addition to the family here. My two previous owners brought me into a store where my new owner was working and asked my new owner if she wanted me. She said yes and went home that day with a new kitten.
2. You wouldn't know it to look at me now, but I was the runt of the litter. See?
3. When it starts to get dark outside I meow at my reflection in the window because I think it's a kitty outside. I wish she would play with me.
4. I love when people talk or sing to me. I just can't get enough of it and will sometimes flop over from sheer happiness.
5. Since I'm the youngest kitty, the other kitties pick on me. My owner shoos them away, picks me up, and talks to me. I love this.

5 Things About Me: Samson the Great (a.k.a. Fat Sam; Pumpkin; Pear; Chubbs)

1. I'm the biggest kitty in my family.

2. I used to be small. Once. Really!

3. I love when my dad holds me and rubs my belly.

4. I have a very high-pitched meow which I use to force my owners to feed me.

5. I love food.

I'm tagging Allison, Cristi, and Bezzie. One for each kitty.