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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mein Katzes

Introducing my little furry children:

a/k/a Springsteen, Springsy, Springerle
Born circa 1998, adopted by us from a coworker of mine on April 1, 2004 (her husband's allergies got to the critical state and they couldn't keep him anymore) I guess he's one of those nifty kitties that came from a breeder and is techincally a "bengalese" or something to that effect. His hobbies include nesting in beds, molesting blankets and lap whoring.

And then Squeaky--
a/k/a Squeakers, Little Pink Nose, LPN
Born August 11, 2000, adopted by us as a kitten from a lab tech at MSU. She came with a raging case of earmites (she was a barn kitty). She's a daddy's girl so she doesn't care much for me. Her hobbies include bothering Springs, and nesting in my filing basket.

And of course I couldn't leave you without a picture of myself being blanket molested by Springs:
He bites the blanket and then starts kneading and having his way with it. Yikes. I always feel so violated.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Two More Bad Little Kitties!!

Just wanted to stop by and introduce my two cats, Cary (after Cary Grant) and Mika (pronounced Meeka).

Both kitties were adopted from two different rescue shelters about a year apart.

Cary (on the left) is very shy but a good brother to Mika, who isn't afraid of anything. They look pretty innocent in the photo but they're both mischievous little kitties and run my house but let me pay the mortgage. You can follow their escapades on my blog. And, of course, I wouldn't trade them for all the yarn in the world! (Wow, did I just say that!??)


This is my baby, Duke. We adopted him off the streets in September 2004, when he was about 3 months. We think he and his brother were taken for a ride out into the country. Unfortunately, I was only able to take in one kitty, and the other was taken to the Michigan Humane Society.

Duke's a friendly guy, doesn't hesitate to go up to new people who come over. He's inside only, and really is more dog like than cat like. I'm sure there will be many posts of his crazy antics and troublemaking abilities. Luckily for me and him, he doesn't mind my knitting too much.

Crazy Cat Post

I love seeing everyone's cats! We adopted Mirando and Geronimo from our local humane society in April 2003. They were together in their previous home, and are wonderful friends. Here's Geronimo, our handsome lion cat. He looks like he should roar, but he's actually pretty squeaky.

And Mirando, our snow leopard. Mirando was born blind, but you'd never know it. He's an adventurous guy and gets around with no problems. He's a flame point Siamese, and has a great yowl.

And here they are snuggling:

It's so nice to join the rest of you KCCLs :-)

Cats: An Introduction

Here's my number one baby, Kami. I got her from the SPCA when I lived in Arizona. She's named for Camoflage (well, desert camoflage) and for a little desert fox, whose name I don't remember. Sometimes she gets called Bunny for the way she bounces after her foam ball. My sister mostly calls her Bitch, but Kami's too sweet for that name. ; ) She steals seashells and balls of light fluffy yarn. I've frequently had yarn missing from my stash because Kami has sauntered away with it. She sleeps on me at night and yowls in my ear when she thinks it's time to wake up (3 am). In AZ, she gave birth to 6 kittens, which were so cute and full of housecat potential. We couldn't keep them because we were moving to Washington, but it was fun while it lasted. I don't think she misses them "Yay, the kids left home early!". She's the most talkative and I'm often convinced that she has some Siamese in her. Kami is definitely the boss of the other two cats (and both the dogs)...uh, and the humans. She never lets us forget it.

This is Sophie. My sister got her from two women who came into her workplace and asked if anyone wanted some kittens. Di (my sister) took the littlest black kitten, a runt. It took us quite awhile to name her (we name on a personality basis), but I came up with Sophie. Is there a story behind it? Of course. Sophie was in the habit of breaking expensive and sentimental objects for about 6 months. One morning, she broke my mom's favorite vase into a bzillion pieces (we counted*) and stood at the scene of the crime until someone woke up enough to realize that big crash wasn't in their dream. After much sweeping and swearing, we all settled down, yadda yadda yah...and I said "Why don't we name her Sophie?" My family didn't realize the background of the name, but I explained it. "Sophie, derived from Sophia, means 'wisdom' in Greek." So, we named her Sophie, with the hope that she would wise up and stop her reign of destruction. She did and is now our shyest, but sweetest, kitten (and Kami's arch enemy).

This is Sam (Fat-kitty Marmalade). He's very large and wussy. Kami, who is much smaller than he is, beats him up on a regular basis+. We also got him in Arizona from the SPCA. My mom was looking for another kitten. She noticed Sam climbing up the bars of his cage yowling "Take me, take me!" and gave him the Kitty Test - scratch the belly, tug the tail, touch the paws. If the kitty is calm and purring it's okay, but if the kitty unleashes hell's fury onto your hand it's a no go and you must leave or die quietly. Sam passed the Kitty Test with flying colors (and hair). We took him home, loved him, squeezed him and then stole his manliness. Whoo-boy, he hated us for awhile. Now he's a fat, lazy, castrato kitty who divides his time between sleeping and eating.

* By counted I mean 'stood over the mess and said "damn, that's a lot of glass"'.

+You could set your clock by it.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Just introducing myself. In the Knitty Coffeeshop I'm Ladybug42, here at Blogger I'm Buttercup but mostly I'm known as Chris. I live in Central NJ with my baby girl kitty named Nikki. She isn't one much for cuddling on anyone's terms but her own, so there are no pics of us together. Here she is tho...
I can't wait to get to know you all. I think this will be a lot of fun.


You have more than 7 days though. I promise. Just getting this ring thing set up for all you Crazy Cat Ladies out there who also happen to Knit!