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Cat Loving Knitters of the World Unite! But please, keep the wool away from your fur babies.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Witchy Cat

And you thought you'd never see Kami in her Kitty Pi! Here she is. I finally got ahold of a camera this weekend and took a few pictures. Ain't she cute? The green eyelash yarn makes her eyes look a little freaky, but I don't think it's a permanent condition. (Like how the flames match the kitty pi? Kami did that.)
She makes me take the Kitty Pi upstairs when we go to bed and downstairs again in the morning. She must lay on it at all times. I'm thinking of tying it around her neck so she can drag it around where she wants it. She loves more than anything to pose in it for pictures.

...and pose...

...and pose...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Uh, Hello!

One of the reasons I left my son in preschool during the day after I quit my job is so I could pack without him being underfoot.



Maybe I should have been more concerned about Squeaky getting in my way!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fortune Cat

Check out these total sweeties. I saw the one Monkee's Mama made and thought "Hey! You can stuff that with catnip and call it a toy!" Yay!

Friday, May 19, 2006


My boys sure do love to share...

NOT sharing has it's advantages as well!

Ripple the Hunter

When I was getting ready for work this morning, I caught Ripple, intensely interested in something outside.

Ripple staring at the bird

Flicking his tail and talking. What was he looking at?

The bird

The best $5 I ever spent. The avian entertainment has arrived, and the cats are watching. At a cost of less than $2 per cake of suet, this is going to be one of the cheapest kitty treats ever. That cake will last at least a week, if not 2. But my patio is becoming a pretty popular venue. We'll see. When I get sick of washing off the railing of bird poop, that thing may have to come down.

I finally got my DPNs for the Kitty Pi. I've decided that I'd rather finish that than have that fun fur monstrosity hanging around my floor. Though it would make a bangin' dust mop.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My first post and it's not even a cat.

But it is cute. That can't be denied. Hey, it could fit a cat. If you can find one that won't claw your face off for even suggesting it wear clothes.

Pattern on my blog if anyone's brave enough to try to dress a cat.

Monday, May 15, 2006


I think that I over-stretched my Kitty Pi when I first washed and blocked it, which resulted in a horribly floppy Pi. But, I rewashed it... and re-blocked it, and it should be dry this afternoon :) So hopefully I'll have some photos to add of the kitties using the new and improved Pi. But for now, here is the newly blocking Pi.

Please excuse the messy kitchen in the background!

Now... what's next??

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kitty SP project?

Here's a pattern I came across for a knit Voodoo Bunny.(complements of the Naive Knitting Blog) I might try making it larger in a loose knit, stuffing it with plastic, and then felting it. Filled with catnip, it would make a great kitty toy.

knit project: voodoo bunny
degree of difficulty (1-5): 2.3
how big: about seven and a half inches tall
knit specs: LaLana Millspun Wool / 3.75 mm needles
pattern notes: To make a bunny yourself click here for pattern
relevant information: Ears are fashioned into horns and the friendly hind cotton puff is transformed into a devil tail. Fluffy becomes Voodoo Bunny. Although I prefer the spooky blank face, this creature could certainly be enhanced with the addition of some appliqued features. This wool felts very nicely and I think felting the bunny could be a very cool option.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cat mentality

If it's hard to get at, it must be really good!

I firmly believe that they think we have fields of catnip hidden behind our bedroom door.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New crazy cat lady

Hello all, I and my 4 cats are new members to this blog. This adorable kitty is Lady Liberty (aka LIbby). Isn't she a beauty. This picture was her debut on the web..she can be seen in catsinsinks. She auditioned for stuffonmycat but didn't make it. She's quite the beauty and the apple of her mommy's and daddy's eye. Along with the 3 to follow soon.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I haven't forgotten

I've got all the Kitty SP questionnaires and now I'm trying to figure out the logistics of it all. If you have any preferences as to where you will and won't ship (i.e. overseas, across the border, or you couldn't care less) let me know. We do have a somewhat "international" group here.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sick Little Kitty-Girl

Poor little Schade! She's been vomiting almost everything for several days.

I rang the Vet's on Friday morning, and followed the recommendation to feed bland diet. She's eating everything. She loves the meat baby food-it's just ground meat and water with a little starch. Bland and looks like it's been down once, but she'll eat it right off the spoon. And the soft kibble, mmmm. Eats cheerfully, like usual her meticulous nibbly eating one morsel at a time and carefully chewing it. Then walks away and horks it all up. Last night she unloaded what looked like a week's eating-the mounds were bigger than she is!

Vet's took her right in today, shaving her neck for a CBC and thyroid test, and are keeping her for x-rays. Dr. mentioned possibility of a blockage or even an infection.

And I just scared the bejabbers outta myself by Googling cat vomiting. Oh mercy. Good thoughts for the tiny little Schade please?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Nermal - the day after

She's pretty much back to normal. She's more cuddlier than before though. Probably because she's thankful that we picked her up, lol.

Getting her into the carrier turned out to be anti-climactic.

I was prepared. I had the carrier in Joey's room with the door open. I called her in and shut the door. I pulled up my sleeve and was prepared for a fight. She walked up to the carrier, sniffed the door, walked in, and sat down.

Yup, she put herself in.

At the vet, when they took her out to get her vitals, she went right back in. She keeps going in it. She loves the carrier, ROFL.

Fresh Pi

Here was the freshly blocked pi this morning:
Even though it's somewhat underfelted, it seems to be a hit.
I guess I should get started on the second one soon...
Maybe this way most of the shedding will be limited to one place
This was my first felting project; as with so many other knitting subtypes, I am hooked! I'm very happy with my bobbly trim. I stopped by my LYS today because I was waiting for a patient to have a CT scan (my original intention was to go buy eggs, but the nearest market just happens to be across the street from my LYS), and checked out novelty yarns to use for the purple Pi.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today is D-Day for Nermal

She's getting spayed.

Vibe that she has no ill effects.

Vibe that I can get her into the kitty carrier by myself. ROFL.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kabbala Kat Bed

I've done lots of knitting, but no blogging in the last week. Here's my Pi - it's a fake fair aisle - just random colour changes from using 2 different colours of yarn at the same time. The red yarn was to mark the first decrease row, because I have trouble keeping count otherwise. As I was taking the photo, I realized that it looked Kabbaloid.
I am knitting the last part inside out, because the little bobbly thingies on the Patons CiCi yarn are exactly one stitch apart, and they keep going to the back of the stitch
I did 2.5 rows the right way around, and was trying to pull the bobbles through, but I didn't want to wonk up my tension; so I ripped it back. The knitting gods smiled on me, because the bobble is still going to the back of the stitch (aka the right side)for the most part.

Somerset can't wait to get at it. I'm already feeling the loooove.

Monday, May 01, 2006

This is Baby Cat

His real full name was "Zeddicus Z'ul Zorrander, Wizard Of the First Order". He weighed almost 40lbs, he was a BIG guy.

What a name, 'eh? I had always wanted an orange tabby, the entire time I'd been with DH. Whenever we were "in the market" nobody ever had one. Well once, there was one in a liter, but that was the only one they weren't parting with. Bummer.

At my old job, a girl I worked with had taken in a stray that was pregnant. Getting another cat was the furthest from my mind. The year prior, we had to find a new home for Roscoe (P. Coltrane, of course), because we had moved into a new place that only allowed one cat. At any rate, the girl had IM'ed me that the cat had kittens, and described them. One was an orange tabby. Fate? I named him automatically, but still wasn't going to take him. When they were weaned she was about to start finding homes. I couldn't possibly let this little Zedd go to somewhere else. I'd never seen him, but he was mine. So we brought him home. He was only about 8 or 9 weeks old, and just a tiny little guy.

Joey woke up from his nap to see this little orange fluffball sitting on his bed. He said "OH!! You got me a baby cat!" - from that day on, that cat came by no other name. Baby Cat it was.

Every night, Baby Cat slept on Joey's bed, right at his head on the pillow. If Joey napped on the couch or the floor, Baby Cat was right there.

This past summer, BC got a urniary blockage, which thankfully 'corrected' itself. But he was still in danger. He hadn't been the same since that, we could still tell he was sick, but couldn't afford a vet bill, by any means. My MIL had footed the bill when we took him in for the summer, because we couldn't afford it.

We made the decision, as difficult as it was, to take him in. DS was devastated, even though we told him he just moved away. BC was the sweetest, most cuddliest cat on the planet, and we miss him horribly :(

Cat Rock is the Devil's music!

Here is Leche playing a little number for us to knit by! He loves to jam out to Kiss (he likes Peter Cris best!) or the (Pet) Doors.

But beware, listening to his music too long will turn you to the darkside and you will be in Lucifer's grasp for eternity. Look what happened to his brother, Latte!

Half-Baked Pi

Well, I finally finished on Saturday... and the really good news is that I used up everything but about 10 yards of the Noro Kureyon (means nothing to add to my stash!).

Nix seems pretty happy with the "un-baked" pi... it looks pretty small in this picture, but the diameter of the bottom was about 32 inches. The fringe is Paton's Cha Cha in Reggae... I like the color of it. I did a i-cord bindoff, to give it an extra little edge.

I took it over to my sister-in-law's house to felt it... I have a front loader at home, and it makes me nervous to felt in it. But, I was a bit too cautious and pulled it out way too early. I let it dry, to see how it would come out, and it was horrible! Too floppy, too big.

Well, I wasn't about to drive back to town, so I chucked it in my own washer and prayed. It ended up perfect! It's thick, and it shrunk exactly as much as I wanted it to! It's drying now, but hopefully it will be "baked" in another day or so!