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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Five Things-Springs & Squeaky

I can post! For some reason I can't comment--so I just want y'all to know I'm enjoying the most recent crazy cat posts!

I was tagged with this meme an embarrassingly long time ago, so here goes:



1. Grew up with a Siberian husky.

2. Enjoys terrorizing Squeaky.

3. Enjoys doing unspeakable things to afghans and even moreso when I'm lying under them. Ewww!

4. His previous owner (an old coworker of mine) actually paid money for him. He's some kind of Bengalese something or other type cat.

5. He almost killed a man--well, almost. The husband of his old owner developed progressively worse cat-dander induced asthma to the point where it became extremely hard for him to breathe around Springs.



1. Was a barn cat we adopted as a kitten from a lab tech living in Portland, MI.

2. Came to us with the worst case of earmites. When we took her to the vet--the student examining her was extremely excited to come across a cat with as many earmites as her.

3. Enjoys terrorizing Springs.

4. She's a total Daddy's cat and only shows me affection when he's not around.

5. I have been known to come out of the shower without my glasses on and start talking kitty-talk to Chunky's soccer ball thinking it was her. Hm, who says humans are smarter?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

knitten kitten's kitty memes

5 things about Beauregard:
1. I am the reining prince at my castle, but I have two little girls who like to think of me as a princess which is okay with me since I have an affinity for all things pink and girly.
2. If you ask my mom she says I do no wrong. She got me from a horse farm in Aggieland 8 years ago. I lived with her throughout college and have moved a total of seven times with her.
3. I like bath time. My mom has to physically remove me from the shower every morning, or shut me out of the bathroom or I will get in with her.
4. I love, love, love cheddar flavored extreme goldfish and they have helped me become the big twenty pounder that I am. (just kidding, I'm really only big boned)
5. I will answer to any of the following: Beau, Beau-beans, Beansy, & Beau-beau, but don't expect me to come a running.

5 things about Charli:
1. My mom bought me from a pet store while she was in college and she has had me for 9 years.
2. I am a total dairy ho! Pour a glass of milk a mile away and I start yowling, pop open a can of Eagle brand and fhuggedaboudit...
3. I prefer the great outdoors though I started out as an indoor kitty and I will poop if you put me in a moving vehicle.
4. I detest the vet & have to be put under anesthesia to get my shots, teeth cleaned, etc...I am one baaaad kitty, but I will let my mom bathe me.
5. I love anything that smells foul and will roll in it like a dog, or rub up against it like crazy.

5 things about Keta:
1. I am a Manx, but I am a rumpy (completely tailess) as opposed to a stumpy (nubby tail). I am very small(about the size of a small bunny).
2. I also prefer living outdoors and am an adept hunter. My mom has been known to get mad at my thoughtful offering of mice, birds, and rabbits.
3. I am more like a dog than a cat which drives my mom crazy.
4. I prefer the company of our golden retriever, Memphis to that of the other cats.
5. When I was a kitten I was very scrawny with big ears and my mom thought I looked like Yoda.

Monday, January 15, 2007

These things really do work!

You've seen them in the stores. "Cat Adventure Video" - entertain your cat for hours while you're away from home! Your cat will never be lonely again! Well, my sister sent this video on to me last month and I've been playing it for Ripple while I'm at work. Check this out.

Tape just inserted.
The Cat Adventure Video

The fun begins!

Oooh - Gerbils!

It cycles through a bunch of stuff like those gerbils up above, birds, stuff like that. He loves it!

I really do need to get him a buddy still though.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Hmm... what's that?
Should I?

*tap tap*

Oooh! What fun!
Mmm, tasty.

Katie Meme

5 things about Katie

1. I can hear mom’s key in the front door before she turns it.

2. My favorite things to play with are the area rugs in the bedroom and a discarded piece of knitting.

3. I nip mom’s arms to wake her up.

4. I lived at the Vet's office for 9 months before I found my new home.

5. I don’t like loud noises from outside.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meme me!

5 things about Star:
1. I will roll onto your feet when I want attention; it doesn't matter if you're sitting down.
2. I like popsicles, especially grape.
3. I'm really dark brown.
4. I also head butt when I want to be nuzzled.
5. Hear that? I'm running up and down the hallway for no reason!

5 things about Rufio:
1. My voice is like that of a kitten.
2. I enjoy goat and sheep cheese, but not cow cheese.
3. I will eat from Star's food dish, even if I haven't finished my portion.
4. I used to get in fights a lot, but my limp has made me a homebody.
5. I don't hog the space heater, but if you take a nap, I'll be there to sit on your lap.

Monday, January 08, 2007

About that Meme

Yeah, so I was tagged like, 3 months ago and, um, well. Oops. It is Ripple and not me so I'll go for it. I should have 2 memes here, but as most of you know, Morris passed away just under a month ago. We both still miss him incredibly.


5 Things About Ripple
1) I lick soap.
2) I was found in a box with my tiny brothers and sisters on the side of the road in rural Kentucky.
3) Like Britney Spears, I think Cheetos are the BOMB!
4) I'm a Yarn Sniffer.
5) I can stand on my hind legs for over a minute at a time. But you had better give me that freakin' treat you're dangling thisfar from my nose when I'm done.

Any member that hasn't done this meme, sorry to cop out like this on ya, but I think we'd all like to see you do this.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let's Play!

Kami playing with her second favorite foam ball. Her first favorite is a ratty pink one. I tried to get a shot of her carrying the ball in her mouth, but they came out too blurry. She's the only kitty who plays fetch, although I'm often the one doing the fetching. Sometimes I wonder who the pet is around here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Apparently an old cat CAN learn new tricks

Somerset realized that she can touch her nose with her tongue today.

As you can see, she's quite happy to show off her achievement